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United Arts Club Presents an Exhibition by Patrick Cahill

Dublin artist Patrick Cahill's latest collection of paintings is a love letter to Ireland's capital.

The United Arts Club is delighted to announce its upcoming exhibition, featuring the works of Dublin-born artist Patrick Cahill. The exhibition will open to the public from June 6th to 30th, 2024.

Cahill’s collection captures the essence of Dublin through a series of stunning paintings that highlight the sights residents often take for granted. Visitors will be transported through the city’s heart, with vivid portrayals of iconic landmarks such as Wynns Hotel on Abbey Street, a historic meeting place for Dubliners; the renowned Liberty Hall, one of Dublin’s tallest buildings; the intricate bronze Nubian Princess statues at the Shelbourne Hotel; the beautifully adorned Capel Street bridge; and many other beloved sites.

Henry Street with Arnotts, one of Cahill's paintings featuring at the exhibition

Cahill’s deep connection to his hometown is evident in each brushstroke, bringing to life the everyday beauty of Dublin's streets and structures. His work invites viewers to pause and appreciate the unique charm and historical significance embedded in the cityscape.

Commenting on the exhibition, Cahill shares his vision:

“This is a love letter to Dublin, a city that holds countless memories and stories in its streets. I hope that through this collection of work, Dubliners and residents will see their city with fresh eyes and feel a renewed sense of pride and connection to the places we pass by every day.”

The United Arts Club invites you to embark on this visual journey through Dublin. The exhibition will be inaugurated with an opening address by Dr. Thomas Scott on Thursday, June 6th at 7.30 PM, where attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artist and enjoy a first look at the collection.

A selection of Cahill's work featuring at the United Arts Club exhibition


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