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Master Painters of the World: Ireland Showcase

From loose and spontaneous to studied and precise, these painters are obsessed with the infinite possibilities of watercolour.

Patrick on creating a sensation in his art: "When I paint, my main concern is to the evoke the atmosphere of my subject. Rainy days, soft and moody, are a recurring theme in my Dublin paintings. This moody dampness, so typical of a winter's day in the city, shows Dublin at its most expressive, which never fails to inspire me.

Patrick on his process: "I try to paint in the traditional way without resorting to shortcuts or fancy tricks. For me, the beauty of painting lies in the spontaneity and simplicity of the handling of the paint. I am primarily an alla prima painter in that I prefer to complete a painting in one session. To do this, I try to solve as many problems as I can before I actually begin painting by making several sketches until I achieve my objective."

O'Connell Street, Golden Light by Irish artist Patrick Cahill
O'Connell Street, Golden Light by Patrick Cahill

This first appeared in International Artist Magazine, issue 14.


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